Want sleek, shiny locks without the effort and damage to your hair?

It’s the age old argument of always wanting what you can’t have when it comes to our hair. If we have naturally big, bouncing spiral curls we’re going to be constantly reaching for electrical help to tame them where our straight haired sisters will by green with envy at our naturally full mop and will

It’s the age old argument of always wanting what you can’t have when it comes to our hair. If we have naturally big, bouncing spiral curls we’re going to be constantly reaching for electrical help to tame them where our straight haired sisters will by green with envy at our naturally full mop and will fail to see why we want to flatten them to an inch of their life. Unfortunately, all this styling comes at a price in the form of heat damage which can turn a healthy head of hair into split, damaged and frizzy in just a few months and will have you wanting to rip it out in frustrating as you scour the internet for the best hair masks, lotions and potions to bring it back to life.


The first step to getting a mane you can be proud of is investing  in quality products that are tailored to your hair type as well as keeping on top of good hair maintenance with regular visits to your hairdresser to keep those pesky split ends at bay which can travel up the shaft of your hair causing more damage. Unfortunately, there is no serum, lotion, conditioner or treatment that can reverse split ends, once the damage is done the only option is to get them chopped off but getting regular trims will really make a difference to the overall health of your hair and even if you’re growing it, you can still keep the length minus the damage.

A good hair day starts with a decent blow dry so it’s worth looking into a good hair dryer that can really help you in achieving your desired style. There’s many on the market now with new found technology that infuses the hair with nutrients and softeners to deliver a sleeker style and reduce hair damage and if curls are more your thing there’s plenty of high quality diffusers available to give you defined, healthy curls.  On the cheaper end of the spectrum is the Nicky Clarke NHD120 DC Hair Dryer uses the latest and greatest in ionic technology to transform your frizzy, over processed hair into spun silk. This model also comes with a diffuser attachment to create beautiful curls, waves and volume.

errol douglas infared dryer

Want to cut down on the amount of time it takes to dry your hair or have long, thick hair that takes an age to fully dry? The Errol Douglas Infrared Dryer could be the answer to your prayers as it dramatically cuts drying time with the help of infrared light combined with anti-static technology to reduce frizz. The unique infrared system not only speeds up drying time but along with the accelerated drying power it also adds shine for smooth and healthy looking hair. A wise buy for those who like to wash and style their hair daily or before the start of a busy day.

Need a serious injection of volume to get the most our of your hair? Flat, limp hair is the stuff of nightmares and creating that just-from-the-salon finish is even harder when you have unruly curls but there’s a secret weapon available on the high street and it comes in the form of the THX Total Hair Experts Pump Up The Volume Diffuser Dryer. At the flick of a switch you can create gorgeous, plump curls that look healthy, defined and not over processed or styled. Ionic ceramic technology infuses the hair to give it a frizz-free finish and the powerful 2000w airflow gives you heat and power right where you need it.

Once you have your hair dried to a suitable standard it’s time to pull out the big guns with a sleek straightening iron or curling tong to get your desired style with ease. Straighteners have come a long way since they first came to the market in the early 90’s using steam technology which split hair, dried it out and didn’t actually do much straightening. Luckily, the new models available today are bursting with components that not only give you the straightest, sleekest hair possible but help to keep it in perfect condition and actually improve dryness.

One of the first hot irons to sweep the market and revolutionise the way we style our hair is the original GHD IV Styler with it’s advance ceramic heaters for a static free sheen and a glossy mane from root to tip. The GHD straighteners also come with a handy ‘sleep mode’ so they automatically turn themselves off after 30 minutes so no more worrying if you’be turned your straighteners off when you’re already halfway down the road! Not only is the GHS IV an excellent hair straightener, the rounded barrel also makes it easy to create tumbling curls and waves at the flick of a wrist, combined with the GHD range of haircare your hair will stay sleek, shiny and perfectly styled all day.

Another award winning hair straightener that burst onto the scene with it’s mineral infused plates that promise beautifully conditioned and high polished locks is the Cloud Nine Original Iron, hailed as the ultimate hair straightener by bloggers and beauty experts worldwide. The innovative temperate control gives lets you quickly and easily jump from 100 degrees for more relaxed styles all the way up to 200 degrees for when your style demands heat to iron out any prominent kinks or to style your curls to last until dawn as you dance the night away.  Another must have from the Cloud Nine range is the Professional Paddle Brush which is a must-have basic tool that combines form, function and a stunning, comfortable design to help you blow dry and straighten your hair to perfection. A natural rubber cushion is the perfect base for taming wild hair as brush glides, rather than grips providing a natural sheen and eliminating any tangles or knots.

babyliss curl secretIf straight hair isn’t your thing and you prefer your crown of glory to be a mop of curls or ringlets the Babyliss Curl Secret 2667U is a worthy investment. The pioneering Auto Curl technology creates gorgeous, free-flowing curls, waves and ringlets which can be as dramatic or as boho as you wish at the touch of a button. It couldn’t be easier to create the curls you want as hair is automatically drawn up in to the ceramic curl chamber where it is gently pressed and heated from all angles then all you do is simply release the hair from the curl chamber to reveal a perfect curl.

After more of a traditional wand curler but want something that will nourish hair and reduce damage? The Remington Ci8319 Keratin Pro Curl Volume Hair Tong is the answer to your hair dreams as you can style to your hearts content without the worry or risk of breaking or causing damage to your hair as the styler uses Keratin, an essential ingredient for strong, healthy and shiny hair. The ground-breaking technology combines Advance Ceramic coatings with Keratin so you can be kinder to your locks as you style creating stunning loose curls and waves, spirals, twists and ringlets with ease knowing your hair is being nourished as you style. The tong heats up to an incredible 210 degrees so you can heat lock your style to last all day and it takes just 30 seconds to heat up so there’s no waiting around!

To create tight, intricate curls takes the right tool and the Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler Hair Tong is just the thing your hair needs when a traditional larger tong won’t do. The slender styler features a rectangular extra skinny barrel to get super tight curls and kinks even with the shortest of hair. The styler heats up in just 10 seconds and comes complete with a ceramic coated barrel to help hair against heat damage as well as a stay cool tip for safer use when in use to avoid burning your fingers. The first styler of its kind to hit the market the chopstick styler is in a league of its own when it comes to creating the tightest of curls.

sleep in rollers

If you don’t like using heat on your hair but wish to wake up with big, bouncing curls Sleep-In Mega Bounce Rollers could be the perfect tools for you. You simply roll your hair up in them and go to sleep! What could be easier? An innovative invention and something our grandmothers wished they had growing up, the rollers are designed to flatten on impact when you lay down so you can sleep comfortably and wake up with perfectly curled, luscious hair. These are also the perfect answer if you want just a bit of lift or volume in a straighter style as you simply place a few close to your roots before bed and you will wake up with bouncy hair that’s full of life and volume.





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